The rates vary according to whether I am travelling to you or the type of service that is required. The price is just an example, please call me for a quote. 


One-off session

Group for up to 4 people, 60 minutes - £70

Individual, 30 minutes - £30


Booking of 6 or more weekly sessions

Group for up to 4 people, 60 minutes - £55

Individual, 30 minutes - £25



There will also be time prior to the session to set up and some time after to make notes.


For the cost of workshops, and reduced rates, please contact me.


I am very happy to meet up and have a chat about your individual requirements or a taster session before you decide to committ to a series of sessions. If you are local to Buxton that is free and if you are outside this area, I would really appreciate a contribution towards the travel expense. 45 pence per mile. 


Cost of Music Therapy Session

How many music therapy sessions?

6 weekly sessions are ideal for the benefits of music therapy to begin to take place. This is because building a trusting relationship is important between the client and the therapist. 


Booking 6 weekly sessions or more include the following service:


  • Meeting with the client and relevant staff/family members, for understanding the client’s medical/physical/emotional background

  • An assessment of the number of music therapy sessions required

  • Instruments are provided -  if the client has preferred instruments please bring these along, these may be a book, CD or sheet music

  • After each session there will be a written record for the client to keep in the care file 

  • Feedback to relevant staff/family member

  • Report writing, if necessary, after a number of sessions

  • Ideas to take away and use at home/organisation

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